A/W 2017 Fall Style

The run of fashion weeks around the world has had me gripped; from street style, to the

forthcoming season trends, designer inspiration and the general madness of it all. Don’t

get me wrong I love Spring and Summer but the fashion that floats my boat is Autumn

Winter. I’m particularly excited this year as all my favourite things seem to be ‘in’; velvet,

tweed, oversized trousers, capes, colour, frills and my all time reassuring favourite, the

Polo neck.




Velvet was trendy last winter but this winter it seems that the more innovative and shiny it

is the better, so get ready for texture. Bella Hoskyns coats and jackets all work well in

velvet and can adapt to formal evening looks or low key style with jeans. The high waist

trousers will be oh so chic in a rich velvet for evening glamour as well. Velvet has a luxury

effect and everyone looks good in it.


Tweed is being funked up. Its all about form fitting silhouettes and youthful style as well as

the gender blurring double breasted suits. The shape is where its at so whether its the bell

sleeve on the Bella Hoskyns swing coat or the high waist on the cropped trousers, shape

is all important.


Over sized trousers are again ‘big’ this winter, excuse the pun. Longer lengths, loosely cut

in the leg and fluid in movement. Our high waisted trousers tick all these boxes whilst still

giving the female form its sexy flattering curve. The waist is where the focus is. Slim,

boyish shapes can create curves with high waists and if you’re curvy a high waister is

extremely flattering, after all make the most of what you’ve got.


Capes are back! I’ve always struggled with when I’d wear a cape, isn’t a coat or waistcoat

more practical? But this is where I need to throw caution to the wind. A cape isn’t meant

to be practical, its glamorous and cool. Its a statement and a nod to vintage style and

makes whatever else you’re wearing look better. In my mind the perfect cape is extremely

simple, just the right length and in a dream colour with statement buttons. The catwalk

showed an experimental surge, where statement capes were abundant and any length



Speaking of colour there is a veritable riot for A/W 17. Brights, colour blocking, dusky

blues and complimentary colours. Be bold and brave was the message.

Polonecks are essential for the Autumn. Whether you’re layering it, wearing it in lace or

cotton or cashmere its all about Renaissance glamour and Victorian femininity. Not only

are they life enhancingly cosy but they give elegance to winter outfits. You also don’t have

to worry about your pasty neck!


It feels to me that there’s a quintessentially british revival and just in time with Brexit

looming we need to stand proud of who we are, where we’ve come from and what we’ve

achieved and more importantly how we can continue to make our mark.

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